You have decided to not undergo any additional treatments at this time!  

The GOOD NEWS is that means that the peripheral neuropathy is not causing too much distraction, discomfort or disability at this time.

The BAD NEWS is that peripheral neuropathy usually progresses...and may get worse.  If it does, we will always be happy to jump in and help any way we can.

My Recommendation: (There are 3 Steps I Recommend)

Step One: Signup for "Neuropathy Nugget News" so you can stay current with progressing peripheral neuropathy management and treatments.   

Step Two: Fortify your Neuropathy Foundation, so your nerves can heal as needed.   

Step Three: Get your Neuropathy Score as documentation for any progression of your neuropathy over time.   

Lastly, always remember that I am always here to help you Understand, Manage and Control your peripheral neuropathy.  My Goal: "Help You Live The Life You Were Born To Live...Even With Neuropathy!"

Good luck on your continued journey.